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Thursday, August 27th, 2015

How’s this for a sense of irony; some of my best events/work has been in collaboration with others, but paradoxically I don’t think I’m a natural collaborator.

This partly due to:

  • my being  (very) lazy
  • a (misguided/misjudged) sense of loyalty
  • being slightly suspicious of those trying to be (over) complimentary about me or my work
  • a possible (lack of) confidence thing

Now not only am I being asked by people to work with them, I’m being suggested names of those who may help me. This is a very strange situation.
Currently I’ve been invited to work on something with a fellow cloudcaster, Stephanie Byrne on Mixcloud.
She’s a very talented & prolific individual & I’ve finally broken a long-standing habit to collaborate with her, despite my warning her of my working foibles.

She’s also one of those people who genuinely doesn’t get quite how good she is. Don’t believe me? check some of these out

The Byrne-Haller Connection: Rainbow Wind by Stephanie Byrne on Mixcloud

Beat Contradictions by Stephanie Byrne on Mixcloud

Shake rattle and soul by Stephanie Byrne on Mixcloud

I was surprised to be asked, but her enthusiasm was infectious as well as inspiring
I’ve got a couple of things I’m working on, along with a third, which may be a little more involved.
I’ll let you know how it all goes

For My Wife…………….

Sunday, August 23rd, 2015

Funny how a piece of work you make so long ago seems to resonate with some people.
One of my last uploads ‘Heart & Soul (To My Dearest Wife)’, was an old mix CD I put together for The Wife years ago.

Recently she’s been having a bit of a tough time, so in my bumbling, male way, I did what I know best – uploaded it as a musical love letter.
I’ve had some really positive responses – Thank You.
I’ve told The Wife – she says thank you too.
All I will say is things are slowly looking brighter

Heart & Soul: To My (Dearest) Wife by Alph on Mixcloud


Wednesday, December 31st, 2014

2014 has been a bit, well, crap really for me. Still working on my busted-ass PC & more stuff at work to sort.

Anyway, a delve through my archive from my youth, is this from my days as a young, eager thing.

Alph presents: Stockyard Boogie Session by Alph on Mixcloud


Enjoy &Happy New Year. Here’s hoping you all have a great 2015 – go get everything you want to come true 😉

Tuesday, September 3rd, 2013

40 years ago, hip hop was born in a house party in the Bronx by a Jamaican with a monster sounds system.

20 years ago today, this very day, strange noises were emanating from a small basement bar in Wolverhampton. I can’t believe it was THAT long ago. From a small night in the West Midlands to a regular fixture in people’s calendar from all over.

Tim, the Original Gang of 4 kind of made history; we all did.

Started as an idea during the Acid Jazz thing in the 90’s, but providing an alternative, expanding vision to that trend.

20 Years Ago Today: Stump Juice (5-11-93 Pt 1) by Alph on Mixcloud

I struggled to find a way to mark this occasion. No recording exists of that night, unfortunately – it was fantastic.

I did find a recording, the earliest I could f ind, made 2 months after we opened.

I’d dedicate this to everyone, the crowd, guest DJs ,our regulars, everyone who worked there – you all made it unique & special.

Hopefully, over the months, I’ll find more stuff from, the archive…………..

Stump Juice presents: Alvin Davis & Friends

Sunday, April 14th, 2013

Searching through my archives during another digitsing session & I came across this gem.

Stump Juice presents: Alvin Davis & Friends, Feb 1995 by Alph on Mixcloud

This is the first appearance of Alvin Davis & his collaborators the MC’s Moose & Dr Funk.

This was also one of the earliest recordings from Stump Juice. This was only a few months after we opened. This is significant as this is the earliest live guest recording. It is also the first upload to Mixcloud without a tracklist.


Alvin has forged a successful career, particularly Stateside, where he has made a number of high profile appearances on US TV, as well as working with some incredible artists. Check out his Myspace page here.

We were lucky as they almost didn’t make it; traffic breakdowns & technical problems (radio mics, dropout from the desk) seemed to be against all of us.


The sound quality probably isn’t as good as normally, but I’m sure the energy & vibe more than comes across and makes up for this.

From the improvising of Alvin over our instrumental selections to dropping breaks for the MCs to do their thing, this captures the spirit of the club & what we did.

We were so into we forgot to turn the tape over!


We were blessed with several more appearances form Alvin & the gang; each time was unique & special. Those that remember can attest to the fun we all had back then.


Regarding the tracklist (or lack of one), normally I wouldn’t as I’m very picky about following rules, but as this is the anniversay year, I thought it’d be worth it. Also, in order to presumably to keep record companies & rights holders happy, the site now uses recognition software, identifying popular tunes.

Hopefully, I’ll get the tracklist properly sorted; in the meantime – enjoy!