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Ho, Ho, Ho..etc

Thursday, December 23rd, 2010

The Mother-in-Law’s here (I must be one of a minority of men who actually look forward to their Mother-in-law turning up!).

It’s that time of year again. I’ll be brief (for a change).

In an uncharacteristic change…….

‘Merry Christmas’

Thanks A Lot – Scutters!!

Thursday, December 23rd, 2010

Just been checking my blog & seen a link for weight loss pills – I’ve been spammed/hijacked!!

I’ve tried my best to check & filter what looks like cack & OK, I’m only human, but it’s still rather galling.

I’ve NEVER tried slimming pills, wouldn’t want to try them & CERTAINLY wouldn’t endorse such products, especially as the overwhelming majority of such ‘products’ are simply the result of chicanery & complete quackery, with no scientific evidence to back up their outlandish & ludicrous claims, relying on pseudo-science & general ignorance.

I’ll have to work out how to get rid of this ad-bot. Apologies for anyone thinking I’ve lost my mind or am some sort of freak. Again, I DON’T subscribe to such ludicrous organisations.

Almost ruined my Christmas, this has…………………sorry.

Goodbye, Old Friend

Saturday, December 18th, 2010

The news from the shop wasn’t good. One of my decks had been playing up for a while now & the bloke (ironically) at DJ Heaven told me what I’d suspected. It was dying.

The diagnosis & long-term prognosis? Not good – not a question of if, but when the thing departs to the Great celestial Warehouse.

Apparently the issue lies with either an aging motor or a deteriorating mains transformer. Factoring shipping costs, it would cost more to repair than replace. Yet I’ve been seriously considering it.

It was from one of the earlier Numark Battle Packs, the TT1550, the first set of decks, indeed, the first proper 2 deck DJ set up I ever owned & was also a gift from My Wife. Even more remarkable, considering I spent a good deal of my (semi)-pro life without a permanent set of my own. So you can see, there’s a lot of sentimental value attached to it.

She seemed rather, well, pragmatic about it all – as I’ve got a digital setup, it’s not as if I’m completely stranded, as it were and if it was too expensive to repair (as it turns out), then get a new when it’s convenient. In fairness, I did upgrade to a newer mixer, but I’ve still got the old one.

Sentimental? Yes. Rational? No, not really, but some people are like that with their first/favourite car, a cup/mug/piece of cutlery or teddy bears they’ve had for years, so in that respect, it’s not that bad.

More Mixes!!

Friday, December 10th, 2010

Been busy working & raiding the archives for some more tasty treats:

First up is Lightside

A lovely selection of Old Skool D'n'B...

4 to the floor action with this one:

Funkin' at Warp Speed.....................

R’n’B for the Laydeez, Hip-Hop for the guyz:

Ouch! TOLD you it weren't bigger than THREE inches....

Hope to get more posted real soon


One Direction? Out Of the Mander Centre. Possibly

Thursday, December 9th, 2010

This Tuesday was a comedy of errors. At least I can say that now.

I’d just had some rather depressing news at a work meeting (I won’t bore you with the details, suffice to say, while the news in itself wasn’t a  surprise, it didn’t make it less easy to deal with when it actually came).

I then had to hot-foot it from this meeting to the train station where the weather meant delays & re-platforming made finding ANY train a matter of luck rather than reason, only to find Wolverhampton town centre essentially sealed off due to a concert of  Simon Cowell’s X Factor pop foetuses, One Direction.  A bit of a problem, as I had to attend another (non-work related) meeting in Chapel Ash.

No buses for love nor money, I decided I’d at least try to get around the assembly by taking a short cut through the Mander Shopping Centre along with two other people,thanks to a kind hearted security guard taking pity on our frozen souls.

However, once in, we ended up in a nightmare as the rest of the Centre was locked & secured, the only other visible staff in being the cleaners and a TJ Hughes employee, just coming from a meeting.

We eventually found an exit yet to be secured, manned by the staff who’d been at the other entrance, & I slowly made my way, on foot, in the freezing cold, only to be sent to the wrong meeting once I got to the venue ( the 2 staff I encountered were probably nice people, but seemed to have a combine IQ that ironically would ever trouble a thermometer).

That said, spare a thought for the people that were injured during the gig. Having taken time out to attend in sub-zero temperatures, to have your evening end in hospital is no joke. I do hope Wolves City council, X Factor production teams & all those involved will do all they can to help these people, investigate the incident, as well as make sure they (re)consider the safety aspects of such events so things like this don’t happen again.

(Update: The Wife bumped into them being bundled into their vehicle as she was making her way home. Turns out the group were staying at a Travelodge nearby. Bet St Simon of Cowell wasn’t ‘slumming it’ – Oh, the glamour of it all!!