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Flawless? Not Quite………

Thursday, December 2nd, 2010

In contrast to the MJ gig, seeing the dance group, Flawless, almost exactly a month previously (as part of our anniversary celebrations), at Birmingham Town Hall, proved altogether rather more, well, frustrating.

Flawless. Nice Lads. The 'Ejector Seat' gag wasa bit harsh though.

Don’t get me wrong, these guys are good, I like them. Despite that, their ‘Chase The Dream’ show, good as it was, it was still a bit disappointing.

Even though coming third in the 2nd season of Britain’s got Talent (behind Susan Boyle & Winners Diversity), they’re a great set of lads, clearly extremely talented.

I know there’ll be howls of dissent when I say that based on what I’ve seen of both Diversity ( we also went to see ‘Diversitoys’ earlier this year) & Flawless stage shows, that the latter are better dancers; however, Diversity are the better group.

Chase The Dream, was technically more challenging, from a dance aspect, more like that of a touring dance company, made up of a series of pieces, loosely connected by a general theme.

‘Diversitoys’ on the other hand was put together as more of a stage show, with the emphasis on family entertainment, with a clearly defined storyline, with supporting roles played by other acts, including other BGT finalists. This meant there was always movement & action on stage – a good tactic if you’ve got young ‘uns. We watch little kids captivated & actually sitting down for the length of the performance – quite a feat. Chase The Dream wasn’t that sort of show.

Lets get one thing straight – ‘Chase The Dream WASN’T rubbish: as I said, I liked it & I like Flawless – in fact, the show revealed moments of inspiration, bordering on genius. It just didn’t feel finished. Having danced a bit myself (MANY years ago), this was SOOOOOO frustrating.

Coupled with issues surrounding staging & technical aspects, which could have been sorted by the tech crew & an assistant choreography team, I think their talent was being held back. That said, as Diversity were the BGT winners, I suppose their production team were committed to making a big tour & making it work, so they were in a better position to have money & assistance thrown at them (again NOT slagging off, just acknowledging the nature of the business).

Equally puzzling, there was a lack of merchandising. Very few acts, regardless of their area, make money off tours by ticket sales alone – pretty much all touring acts make (or at least recoup their costs) through merchandising. Not having anything at the venue was a missed opportunity.

Also, in fairness, the Birmingham date was the second on the tour, so at least most of these issues may be resolved by the time they pitch up in Wolverhampton next year. Hopefully, with the glitches ironed out & the merchandising ready, they will get the credit & centre stage they truly deserve.