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Teena Marie, RIP

Friday, January 7th, 2011

Still in shock after hearing the news that Teena Marie passed away on Boxing Day (Dec 26th). I know the story’s been well covered & loads of people have tweeted about it, but that still doesn’t make it less of a shock.

Proper soul & funk-heads will be far more knowlegeable about her life & work, so I just mention a few personal memories involving her music:

  • Finding a mint copy of ‘Behind The Groove’ on 12-inch in (the now defunct) Boogaloo Records in Leicester, thinking whoever let that one go was a right muppet
  • Dropping said tune at parties – result!
  • Being shocked at seeing video footage of her on Soul Train finding out this Motown powerhouse was a short (ish) white woman.
  • Going through her back catalogue (courtesy of Steve & D from Samebeat Records) & freaking out at some of the stuff she’d done.
  • Sneaking in some of her tracks during the very early days of Stump Juice.
  • Realising just how many people covered her tunes.

The woman was an extremely gifted singer songwriter & producer & I’m saddened she’s no longer with us. That said, we are fortunate that the musical legacy she’s left behind means she will still move & inspire others, so she will never be forgotten.

Gone but never forgotten.................