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Friday, February 11th, 2011

I’m a deck down (the remaining deck needs a new stylus)

My (seriously underpowered) PC crashed. Again

Keith hasn’t been able to do any digital conversions for me (correction/update: he’s finished two tapes, running onto 4 discs, but hasn’t been round – his production skills are in serious demand)

The enormity of the folly I’m attempting begins to sink in. Am I insane? Did aliens secretly suck out my brain, making susceptible to such hair-brained schemes? How did I EVER think I coulddo this?


<deep breath>






Right, let’s calm down & get a bit of perspective & focus on some positives;

THIS ISN’T CURING CANCER or solving world hunger, I’m putting mixes online.  Hopefully some of those listening will like what goes up

I’ve already got some stuff digitised or already recorded, so it’s not as if I’m working completely from scratch

  • Not everyone will like what I do – DEAL WITH IT!

I wasted a lot of time (not to mention opportunities & cash) trying to fulfil the expectations of others, rather than expressing & celebrating my own abilities. If they like it, great, if not it won’t be the end of the world, there may be a couple that that do. Either way, at least they listened. I’m an 80’s soul freak at heart who loves hip hop, BUT that’s not all I like, nor indeed all that I am. I love discovering new music & new ways of putting it together; somw works, some won’t  – can’t please everyone all the time – too much energy going to waste there.

  • This challenge was meant to be a bit of fun, but also test my ability to deliver with limited resources. In truth, I was doing more with far less when I started out. The fact I never owned a proper set until 2001 (ish) meant honing my skills in a variety of setups (often borrowed), in a whole range of environments.
  • I remember making mixes on my brothers’ set (Tandy (Radio Shack) decks, no pitch control, matching mixer & a pioneer cassette deck (probably more expensive than the deck/mixer combo), going to parties with a 30min set, other guys, giving it the ‘I’m the Big Dog here’, only for me to quietly take my place tear up the crowd & somehow keep them hyper for 2hrs. This’ll be a doddle by comparison. Really


  • There’s nothing to prove & nothing to lose: as Geunther from Re:beat said ‘Just get out there & do it!’



The stylus I ordered for my deck arrived so I can record more vinyl to minidisc & Keith finally did the copying for me – just have to work out a time pick up.

 There – things always come good somehow in the end.

My Mission…Should I Choose To Accept……

Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011

We always set ourselves challenges -most people leave it until the New Year. I find it takes no effort at all to put stuff off, regardless of the season. That or something happens to provide an excuse

I will:

  • Get fit (lost gym card. Again).
  • Get to DJ @ Major event ( Grand master Flash got the Commonwealth Games, Tiesto did the Olympics, not that I ever entertained such lofty ambitions, but I was always told, & repeatedly failed to aim high).

That said, I finally got myself a little corner of The Net, where I’m spouting to you from, so from small acorns, and all that.

So, I’ve set up a challenge for myself – I’m going to try and average 1 upload a day for year on Mixcloud. No reason, apart from a personal need to see if I can do it, plus I’ve got a lot of mixes that never saw a wider audience.

I doubt it’ll set my name on the road to prosperity, but it was never about that for me with music, although, granted, if (in the HIGHLY unlikely event), someone wishes to place a reasonably sized wad in my sweaty hands as a result of this ,I will give it some thought.

I’ve already started with my latest ‘ cast

I have to thank my ever-so-understanding Wife (I LOOOOOVE U!!)

& Keith, who’s been digitising some of my stuff.

Inbox – More Music – for FREEEE!!!!

Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011

Faith SFX

Been mailed a link to Beatboxer Faith SFX. The guy’s got a new mixtape available as a free download from his website , ahead of his new album ‘Man Or Machine’, later this year. Sounds good, Hell, it’s free!! What ARE you waiting for……

Mighty Moe

Another one from the underground, another free download from the former Heartless Crew MC.

As described by Tosh Darg..

‘Mighty Moe aka Metric Moses is an acknowledged pioneer of the UK underground. Originally a Hip Hop DJ, he joined the legendary Heartless Crew as a teenager, picked up the microphone and developed his unique vibrant, catchy style and intelligent lyrical word play. It would be no exaggeration to say that as an MC, Mighty Moe has inspired and influenced many contemporary artists in the UK today.

Moe is now striding forward as a solo artist recently releasing a single ‘Old School Days’ Ft. Wiley‘ & is about to start promoting his next single ‘Dangerous‘ produced by Smasher with remixes from Zed Bias, El-B, Dubchild, Funky Stepz & Mr Virgo which is taken from The ‘Yagga Yo!‘ mixtape available as a free download from his website


Not free exactly, this is a promo of new single ‘Out My House’ featuring Doneo.F rom the photo, she has ‘tude a-plenty, & currently getting a lot of club & radio play.