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No New Mix This Week I’m Afraid….

Thursday, June 23rd, 2011

Sorting things out ahead of paying my last repsects to my stepfather.


Take A Slow Walk……………

Tuesday, June 21st, 2011

I’ve been going back though my tape archives & back to my soul by roots,where I found this:


Originally part of the World Free Music Fed (WFMD) series, it’s long been one of my favourite mixes.

Most of the mixes that really stayed with me have been the slow soul ones, mainly because they seemed to pretty much mix themselves (in my mind, at least).

Unfortunately, the B-side needs more specialsed TLC than I can give, so here, at least in part is something for a warm day, ideal for doing, well, nothing….

My Stories so far……………….

Monday, June 13th, 2011

I’ve been trying to catch up on so much – I don’t seem to  have enough time or energy

Got a number of uploads I haven’t mentioned on my blog recently:


Freefall by Alph on Mixcloud

I put this up before ‘Slow Bungee’:

Then there’s  ‘Goodvibes & Surprises:

This ‘new’ mix actually lifted from an old tape I had. Originally done for The Wife’s Sister, I took the old compilation, used Audacity to clean up the audio (VERY tricky), then used the same program to create a mix with fades, etc, from the individual tracks.

Next up WFMD ‘Suite’ 16 Pt 1

Again I put the second part online first (as part of Mixcloud’s ‘Lovemix’ season)

WFMD (World Free Music Development) was a DJ double act I had with an old school friend, Eddie. We did some parties & made mixtapes (mostly soul), selling them at school & college (blimey The Wife probably wouldn’t believe I was quite so enterprising). We both moved on, but I kept the name for a few years. He’s still sees my family from time to time & I hear he’s doing well for himself.

This next mix whilst upbeat, has a bittersweet story attached:

‘Inspiration comes from the oddest places – I got the idea ( as well as the title) from a picture on Orsii ‘s Twitter feed. I started kicking around a few ideas, then left it languishing as life took over. I would revisit it but never actually do anything about it.

Then yesterday, I got the news my step-dad passed away earlier in the week. The family’s been busy (rightly) helping my mother, so I got the news late. So as part of marking his passing & celebrating the life of this wonderful, gentle giant of a man, it was with renewed determination that I finally finished this last night. Not sure he’d approve of the title, but ‘Here’s to you, Sir: Godspeed……………..’


Finally, another mixtape.

Despite being a largely 4/4 affair, there are  some Stump Juice classics here from Nervous Records,  Master At Work, Tito Puente,  ETA, The Blue Boy & even Aphex Twin mixed into  George Benson!!

Both sides are now up – get your ears ’round ’em!



Farewell, Sir………………

Thursday, June 9th, 2011

It’s been about 10 days since the untimely passing of my stepdad & though I didn’t see him often, I miss him. There is a strange, dull, insistent empty feeling I have that follows me around.

He was an extraordinary, kind man, a real old fashioned gentleman. Despite our repeated urgings, he & my mum decided against marriage (apparently once was enough for both of them – out of respect, I’ll not discuss the matter further), & like some have said of The Wife & I, they truly were a unique couple, i.e, on paper you’d look & go ‘Eh?????’, but somehow, in reality it worked; they were greater as a couple than the sum of their parts. I’d never seen two more unlikely people so devoted to each other.

He had such presence as a man, but was never aggressive or intimidating. He had his opinions but was always polite in expressing them.

He’d been ill for some time, but it still shocks me, even now that he’s gone. Despite the love & support she has from us, I can’t help but worry after My Mum as she lost a partner, her complimentary other, confidante & her friend.

I’ve been trying to keep busy & it’s through music that I’ve been able to find some release (Thank you Gabrielle for your kind words & assistance).

Occasionally, it seems my feelings will overwhelm me too, especially as The Wife & I have not have the best of years so far. I can only hope that he is at peace, free from the pain & care of this plane of existence.


Another trawl through The ‘Cloud

Friday, June 3rd, 2011

There’s more music up here than could be heard in a dozen lifetimes.

That said I’ve come across a couple (or more) gems:

JackieHoodoo has an eclectic taste & great selections Here’s one


Jamalski is a NYC dubstep maestro, using Mixcloud to showcase his own material. It’s rather good…

Marcia Carr is a DJ, former dancer & writer for ‘Soul Survivors Magazine. Excellent writing, sublime musical taste, bring pop, jazz, funk & house (and anything else you care to mention) to the table. Here’s some she prepared earlier…



Zulm – ah, haven’t heard from him for a while, but now he (?) is back in supreme style.

Try this one for size…….

DJ Shepdog

He of the mashup, I think I’ve got some of his productions somewhere. I generally like most of his stuff, take a gander at this….


Bringing The Funk from Canada, here’s a mix I favourited via Laidback Radio: you’ll understand once you’ve listened.

Well that’s enough for now….