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We seek him here……..

Wednesday, July 27th, 2011

My man Vlada’s been a busy bunny. not only ‘casting on Soundcloud, DJ spots on Space Invader Radio, he’s found time to record a guest mix for Sunday Morning Soul on Mr Mikey’s Futuristic Sounds podcast.

His set starts about an hour in, amongst 4 hours of  pure class……………..

Blast From The Past – MC Lyte

Tuesday, July 26th, 2011

My latest mix ‘Birthdat Girl Beats’ has had a couple of plays & comments have been positive. A bit of (vain) random checking of the playlist for buying/download options lead me find the offical website for MC Lyte.

Whiles she’s not recording as much nowadays, she’s quite involved in community projects & also DJ’ing.

Here’s the latest mix she’s put up:

Al Jarreau, Birmingham Symphony Hall, Sunday 24-07-11

Tuesday, July 26th, 2011

2 great things happened this weekend:

  • The Wife returned from abroad, visiting family
  • We got to see Al Jarreau in concert .(the Wife booked tickets before she went away)

Bafflingly, the venue wasn’t full, but the crowd more than made up for the lack of bodies with their enthusiasm.

Despite being in his 60’s & having the air of a mischievous  granddad (he had a cheeky conversation with a young lad in the audience whom we’d seen with his family earlier at a nearby Italian restaurant a few hours earlier), there was no mistaking THAT voice or denying t he talent & vocal dexterity which has sustained a career spanning decades.

Given this tour was entitled ‘greatest Hits’, there’s a lot of material for him to draw on, but he managed to fit in a fair few classics, from ‘Boogie Down’ , ‘Mornin’’ & ‘Easy’ (from the LP ‘Breaking Away’ when I first encountered  his work as a youngster). He also much to The Wife’s delight, performed her Soul Weekender anthem ‘Double face’, which I was unsure he’d do. She hasn’t stopped reminding me of that.

Between chatting & frequent bouts of jazz scatting, he also performed new material, including a surprising duet with his bassist, Chris Walker, who also performed a solo number which was really good.


Another highlight was his cover of the Beatles’ classic ‘She’s Leaving Home’, which I found deeply affecting (must be going soft in my old age….).

Didn’t bring a camera (again), but we went for the train tired, but happy………………

More mixes….

Thursday, July 21st, 2011

I had though I’d made it to the half-way point in my challenge. Then I realised my basic arithmetic was off, so I’ll have to knuckle down.

This originally started life as a mini-mix. Tracks were checked, lists were drawn. Then, like the best laid plans, I got a little carried away.
I was thinking I could enter it into a competition as I really thought I’d stand a chance. Then I just said ‘Sod it, put it up anyway, if they like it great, if not – there’s always ice cream’.


Kiran (‘Lady K’) was one of our earliest regulars. One of a core of student supporters, loyal to the last , one of a group always counted on to get up & going, they’d lead where others followed. So it wasn’t a genius-level IQ task when someone suggested a tape for her birthday. This is the first half of that tape, mostly hip-hop & R&B, but still retaining a Stump Juice flavour.

I’m not so sure The Wife will like being a Loft Widow. Again

Bobby’s Basement

Tuesday, July 12th, 2011

Not a batchelor’s den or scene for horror-style ubtchery, but the B-side of a tape I made for my Sister-in-law, as she said she’d got nothing fresh to listen to. I found the original tape, cleaned it up & edited it to run as a segued mixtape.


By the way, the basement in her house has been dealt with after much arguing & mucking about from the contractors………..