Thanks A Lot – Scutters!!

Just been checking my blog & seen a link for weight loss pills – I’ve been spammed/hijacked!!

I’ve tried my best to check & filter what looks like cack & OK, I’m only human, but it’s still rather galling.

I’ve NEVER tried slimming pills, wouldn’t want to try them & CERTAINLY wouldn’t endorse such products, especially as the overwhelming majority of such ‘products’ are simply the result of chicanery & complete quackery, with no scientific evidence to back up their outlandish & ludicrous claims, relying on pseudo-science & general ignorance.

I’ll have to work out how to get rid of this ad-bot. Apologies for anyone thinking I’ve lost my mind or am some sort of freak. Again, I DON’T subscribe to such ludicrous organisations.

Almost ruined my Christmas, this has…………………sorry.

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