My Mixcloud Buddies, Pt 1

Since joining the Mixcloud community, I’ve not only uploaded my stuff to the wider world, but I’ve found a small but decidedly mint group of buddies who’ve seen fit to follow my work & I check out their stuff too.

They have very different styles but are united in putting together quality, genre-spanning (or defying) podcasts, not just a succession of bangin’ tunes.

TK Kid (Spain)

Our Man in Barca

Heard some of his mixes when I first heard of Mixcloud but before I signed up. He’s got a penchant for Jazz Soul & funk, but isn’t limited to or by these genres. Regularly working in Europe, he’s also put out stuff for Laidback Radio & check his website where you can download some storming selections

He also welcomed me on the ‘Cloud’ once I’d signed. A really decent chap.

Recommended Listening:

2000 – 2010: A Retrospective Soundscape (Vol 1)

UK Funky!

Latin Shin-a-ling!

Next up………………….

Miss Phi 1.61803399

The Girl From Antwerp

In some circles, mention the words ‘ginger’ & ‘Belgian’ in the same sentence amounts to ammunition for 15 minutes of (lame) jokes (Not me – I at least try to be creative, then aim my invective to as wide a group as possible – don’t want people thinking I’ve got favourites).

However, our ‘Gal from Antwerp’ has got quite the following for her sets. Ranging from Jazz, to gypsy music through to head-crunching DnB.  She also exemplifies the concept that

  • A  DJ can put together an astounding set purely on tune selection, as opposed to super-tight mixing
  • Not every DJ in Belgiun/Netherlands is dead set on frying your brains with ear-bleeding trance music

Phi 1.61803399, by the way is a number known as ‘The Golden Ratio’ (look it up on Google).

Recommended Listening:

Micro Cosmos

Senor Coconut’s Cumbia Baile

Dreamers Dream Alone

That’s it for now, I’ll get to some of the others later….

4 Responses to “My Mixcloud Buddies, Pt 1”

  1. TJ-KiD Says:

    Nice! 🙂

  2. Alph Says:

    Cheers TJ. As I said on the ‘Cloud, I do my best to support those with a genuine passion for what they do. I’ve been in the game a loooooong time, so it’s easy to be a bit cynical, but I genuinely love music & look out for those that do as well

  3. madelon Says:


    i did not see this coming and feel very flattered by your compliments about my mixes
    obviously you did your homework, i can read it in your text

    thank you
    keep up the good work and respect for your attention to others which is remarkable and an extra to what’s allready there.

    miss Phi ; )

  4. Alph Says:

    No problem, Phi. As I said to TJ, having been around for a while, ( & having my fingers burned on more than one occasion), it easy to be self-obsessed or cynical. That said, you also clearly do your homework when it comes to putting your mixes together.
    Many DJs are consumed by the need to beat match or get ‘respect’ without considering an important part of the job – what you ACTUALLY play. This shows in the work you do so it’s only natural to support it.
    Keep it up!!