Mixcloud Buddies pt 2

Vlada Stojanovic

The Serb Scientist

This unassuming Serbian doesn’t so much upload mixes as fire off a series of audio curveballs, ranging from dreamy soundscapes through to full, hide-behind the-sofa-and beg-for-your-mummy walls of noise.

He’s (quite rightly) earned his place in the Top 40 Cloudcasters of 2010 (He’s at 32) and you could do worse than check out some of his uploads. Also check out his website – I did & ended up downloading an EP by ‘ClassicBeatz’!

Recommended Listening:

Jazzzy…or Not

Hack Saw Drum & Bass

I have no idea how to call this mix



The Duracell Disco Bunny from Japan clearly loves disco, 80’s boogie & the (properly) funkier side of house. His mixes are very occasionally, borderline oddness BUT still it works. No pictures exist, but I suspect this individual is secreted in a mountain hideaway, contemplating the next move in total world domination.

Try these mixes:

Leaving This Planet

Gotenyama Sessions Vol 3

Made by J Sessions



Great kid, fantastic music. Rubbish disguise

A nice, Nordic music lover, based in the UK. I found a mix made completely of Disney songs (she may have done or listened to), which was so completely bonkers it was genius. Called by one person ‘The First Lady of Mixcloud’, she justifiably made the Top 20 of Best Cloudcasters for 2010. She has a show online at Laidback radio & works at Fat City Records. The lady’s quite prolific, putting out sublime jazzy/hip hop compilations & mixes.

Check out her website , where she, amongst other things, talks with remarkable frankness & honesty of her struggle with depression in her younger years & more recently her feelings following the untimely death of an old college friend.

It was such a moving piece of writing, making a welcome, thought-provoking  change from all the inane online noise.

Check out:


Killer No Filler


C’mon Feet!

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