2 Months in The Clouds….

I’ve been on Mixcloud for about 2 months (give or take), and during this time, I ’ve met a real cross-section of people, all of whom have been very supportive as well as overwhelmingly positive.

Just a quick browse on the site not only reveals the bewildering, brain-stretching wealth & breadth of material on offer, but there really is a sense of community (Myspace? Hmmmmmmm……………………..)

This in turns fires a part of me that  remembers why I got into DJing in the first place & why I still enjoy it

Others may

  • Be better mixers/scratchers/turtablists
  • Have bigger/more extensive collections
  • Possess the latest/hottest tunes
  • Have larger follower/fanbases

but, I simply love music & that’s why I DJ & I like to think that comes across in every mix I do or any set I play.  I’ve always said I don’t love music because I’m a DJ, rather I’m a DJ because I love music.

Case in point: I get a message from Blakbird, a young gun based in Bristol. Only DJing for about a year & a mad keen dubstep fan. Asks for feedback on his mixes.

A long while ago, my reply would probably been short & to the point (including the word ‘off’ at some stage). However, now I thought, ‘well they’ve asked, the least I can do is listen’.

I’m not a dubstep fan (no reason, I just haven’t heard my ‘killer selection’ yet), but what I heard was impressive. It was clear, despite me not being into the scene there was obviously a high level of thought & technical work in his mix. The use of effects & edits clearly demonstrated a lot of time & care had gone into making the mix work.

It could be argued that technology has made the process of DJing easier & to a point that’s true. However, no amount of technology so far has been a substitute for talent, be it inate or the result of hard graft. Blakbird is a talented kid, & has (rightly) seen his followers grow dramatically in number.

As I say, it doesn’t matter if I give someone a junk shop fiddle or a priceless 16th century violin from Cremona: if you can’t play and/or are tone deaf it’ll still sound like you skinning a cat dipped in salt , whilst electrocuting its gonads.

Seeing what others are doing & uploading took me aback at first, then it has given me a ‘fresh wind’ of inspiration.

I kinda like it out here…………….

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