Keep it short? Sweet!!

6 words. Apparently the length of Hemmingway’s shortest short story. The same number Facebook ask you to use to describe yourself.

As you may have noticed, being concise is not exactly a skill of mine. That said, I do believe in the adage ‘Brevity is the soul of wit’, so they say, but in truth (unlike this post), it lies at the heart of so many social interactions,. for example:


How much?

What’s the catch?

You’re fired!


Got a headache?

I won’t see/call/text/sleep with you

Let’s get married

How much?

Sexual Politics

No means NO!!


Respect me

PLEASE/call/text/sleep with me *

(*Mostly said by blokes – but we just don’t admit it, ESPECIALLY down the pub with our mates!)

How much?

Family Life

Ask your mum

Ask your dad

No tatoos

Go back and change!


How much?

Therefore I gave it a bit of thought & came up with the following:

DJ, down not out – still funky

(Nope, too cheesy). Tried again.

My next attempt, a minor variation



Back to BURN!!

(No, no, no……)

Was I going for a more honest summation, or the start of desparation with the next one


Asleep, mostly

Awake occasionally

Not what you’d call inspiring, but oddly, I’d struck on something. One more attempt:

Love music

Food, yummy



Job done, I looked at earlier efforts (as well as some I’ve not included here, trust me you’d be chewing your leg off if I’d put them all in!), particularly those placing emphasis on music & DJing.

I’d been trying too hard and yet, there HAD to be a way of encapsulating my personality, history & passion with music.

After many more mental permutations, I finally got it. I even got it down to just 2 words:



Job done – maybe I should have this on a Facebook page……………..


Speaking of which, is it me, or does Jessie Eisenberg’s portrayal of Mark Zukerberg in the film ‘The Social Network’ suggest ‘Mr Facebook’ has some form of Aspergers or high functioning form autism? Just a thought..

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