Bi Polar Girl

Writing about Orsii & her struggle with depression early in life, reminded me of a (very good) friend of mine.

Gabrielle-Blackman Sheppard was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder some years ago & has written about her experiences from suffering to diagnosis, treatment & beyond in an incredibly frank & surprisingly humorous  account, ‘Bi Polar Girl: An Irreverent Look At Bipolar Disorder’.

Part personal account, part self-help book, it doesn’t dodge difficult areas, doesn’t get bogged down in dry, academic explanations or jargon, nor does it present easy, quick-fix solutions, unlike some sugary, touchy-feely tomes, peddled by (in my opinion), perma-tanned, snake-oil selling charlatons. She also asks simple, direct questions of the reader, yet the overall tone is one of quiet optimism & hope. Some may find it over-simplistic, but if you are going through ANY of this, trying to wade through reams of text & complicated exercises is the last thing you want (or are able) to do.

Considering 1 in 4 people in the UK has or will have had some form of mental illness, I’d say getting a handle on issues like this is rather important.

She is doing fine & continues to write & offer experience & support at her blog ‘Bipolar Girl‘.

I’d also like to add my appreciation & thanks to her husband, Richard, who as offered advice & support in getting me online. His help has not only been invaluable, but gave me the confidence to actually take the plunge & go online.

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