The Brits…

Watch the recording of The Brits (did it for The Wife so we could watch later).

Not bad.

Adele’s performance – AWESOME!! She proved, unlike some of the acts performing that you don’t need an expspensive setup, flashy visuals or load of cash to produce a spellbinding performance.

Arcade Fire – nice group, seemed genuinely happy to win stuff, but the frontman freaked me out a bit: had the look of someone who keeps the dismembers body parts of young people in the back of a pick up (or in in some splatter movie).

Don’t get me wrong; In the unlikely event of getting hate mail, I’m NOT saying they have a deranged child killer in their line up. He may be a really nice bloke, remembers Mother’s Day, sends flowers to sick relatives in hospital looks after fluffy kittens – besides, I don’t personally know him. But he IS an intense, intimidating-looking geezer…………….

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