BBC Musician’s Masterclass

Stumbled on DJ Kaboodle’s twitter feed & came across this gem from veteran songwriter, artist & BBC 6 Music’s Tom Robinson from his BBC blog.

The focus is on singing /songwriting as well as  musicianship, but many of the points raised I think are pertinent to DJ’s & DJ/producers, or indeed, ANY performancer or performance artist.

Thanks Kaboodle

2 Responses to “BBC Musician’s Masterclass”

  1. DJ Kaboodle Says:

    Thanks for the mention and the link. I’ve never seen anything as good as this video in my Twatter feed, though. Was it a 6Music tweet or something else? Either way, excellent video – loads to learn from here.

    And Tom Robinson’s great. I loved him as Max in The Lost Boys:

  2. Alph Says:

    Cheers, K. Found it through one of your lists, quite by accident. I agree – whether you’re a DJ, musician, or writer, there’s stuff to learn.