Another trawl through The ‘Cloud

There’s more music up here than could be heard in a dozen lifetimes.

That said I’ve come across a couple (or more) gems:

JackieHoodoo has an eclectic taste & great selections Here’s one


Jamalski is a NYC dubstep maestro, using Mixcloud to showcase his own material. It’s rather good…

Marcia Carr is a DJ, former dancer & writer for ‘Soul Survivors Magazine. Excellent writing, sublime musical taste, bring pop, jazz, funk & house (and anything else you care to mention) to the table. Here’s some she prepared earlier…



Zulm – ah, haven’t heard from him for a while, but now he (?) is back in supreme style.

Try this one for size…….

DJ Shepdog

He of the mashup, I think I’ve got some of his productions somewhere. I generally like most of his stuff, take a gander at this….


Bringing The Funk from Canada, here’s a mix I favourited via Laidback Radio: you’ll understand once you’ve listened.

Well that’s enough for now….

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