My Stories so far……………….

I’ve been trying to catch up on so much – I don’t seem to  have enough time or energy

Got a number of uploads I haven’t mentioned on my blog recently:


Freefall by Alph on Mixcloud

I put this up before ‘Slow Bungee’:

Then there’s  ‘Goodvibes & Surprises:

This ‘new’ mix actually lifted from an old tape I had. Originally done for The Wife’s Sister, I took the old compilation, used Audacity to clean up the audio (VERY tricky), then used the same program to create a mix with fades, etc, from the individual tracks.

Next up WFMD ‘Suite’ 16 Pt 1

Again I put the second part online first (as part of Mixcloud’s ‘Lovemix’ season)

WFMD (World Free Music Development) was a DJ double act I had with an old school friend, Eddie. We did some parties & made mixtapes (mostly soul), selling them at school & college (blimey The Wife probably wouldn’t believe I was quite so enterprising). We both moved on, but I kept the name for a few years. He’s still sees my family from time to time & I hear he’s doing well for himself.

This next mix whilst upbeat, has a bittersweet story attached:

‘Inspiration comes from the oddest places – I got the idea ( as well as the title) from a picture on Orsii ‘s Twitter feed. I started kicking around a few ideas, then left it languishing as life took over. I would revisit it but never actually do anything about it.

Then yesterday, I got the news my step-dad passed away earlier in the week. The family’s been busy (rightly) helping my mother, so I got the news late. So as part of marking his passing & celebrating the life of this wonderful, gentle giant of a man, it was with renewed determination that I finally finished this last night. Not sure he’d approve of the title, but ‘Here’s to you, Sir: Godspeed……………..’


Finally, another mixtape.

Despite being a largely 4/4 affair, there are  some Stump Juice classics here from Nervous Records,  Master At Work, Tito Puente,  ETA, The Blue Boy & even Aphex Twin mixed into  George Benson!!

Both sides are now up – get your ears ’round ’em!



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