Hi there!! I’m FINALLY online – well, more than just an email address, anyway. I’ve been away for a while, trying to get a few things sorted & here I am, staking out my very own bit of online real estate (well, I never actually went away, but that’s for another time). ‘Why now?’, you may ask. ‘What took you so long?’ First of all, there have been a few personal things to sort out, a need to take time out & life generally getting in the way.A big thank you to everyone that helped through some rather hairy moments, your understanding & support has been much appreciated (even if I didn’t say so at the time). Oh, and the fact that I’m inherently lazy & quite stubborn, so it’s taken a while to get my sad, Luddite backside on the case. Hopefully, I’ll not bore you with the tedious minutiae of my every waking moment (it’ll be a while before I do Twitter), and hopefully you’ll be entertained or at least distracted from the bleak, grey existence (if you live somewhere hot & sunny with great people & food, don’t tell me, I’ll only end up producing a stream of resentment & possibly bile-filled invective, hardly neighbourly), before going back to do something considerably more productive with your day.

Before I go, I HAVE to say a BIG ‘Thank You’ to my (long-suffering) wife, who has become a widow as I’ve been holed up in the loft, trying to figure all this technotrickery out (which is still taking time) & making music.

Well, that’s it for now, short & sweet. Hope to be back soon……

Update – Back!!

Just to say, this new theme here? The Missus helped me pick it.

Love her………………….xxxxxx

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