Suka Kofi: A Thought Experiment………….

I’m often given to very odd thoughts. These random musings can throw up all sorts of inspiration,: a word, a picure, something seen on the side of a house, anything can set me off on some sort of mental/creative mountain trek.

In this case, for no reason I wondered about creating a mix inspired by Mixcloud buddy & tech-house guru, Suka Kofi. The Canadian-born DJ has a great line in strong 4/4 beats & melodic madness & has played in some top venues in locations many of us only dream about. For some reason I imagined ‘What if’ we ended up in the same venue?’

Would we spark off each other, striking the egde of the creative envelope? Would it be a battle to the death?


In the end , I went for another option (partly because I’m to lazy to get into all that alph-male stuff – I just can’t be arsed)


I realised one of my gifts if you can call it that has been my adaptability – ask different people what I DJ & you’re likely to get different answers (I’m sure I’ve made this point before but bear with me).

This then, formed the basis of the idea behind this mix.

I wasn’t going to do a straight tech-house set, as it would probably sound lightweight. Also, as  a DJ I’m more of a generalist (but I DO love my funky beats), so I’m not sure I’d be that convincing in that style.


The final plan was now this: could I adapt what I do so it would sound like it could work with or be complimentary to Suka’s style and still retain my identity & rough & ready edge?

It took some doing, but I hope the results may hold the answer to that…………..


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