The Voice – Battle Week

The Wife & I are staying with  The Voice UK for the time being, just to see how it plays out now it’s principle premise, the blind auditions are now over.

That’s not to say we weren’t close to switching over due to not being entirely convinced by the ‘Looks-aren’t-everything’ mantra seemingly abandoned in the face of some of the seemingly contrary choices.



Part 1


Jenny vs Jonelle: Song – ‘I’m Every Woman’

Will.I.a.m picked Joelle despite Jenny producing a far better performance.


Max & Bill: Song –  ‘Beggin’

Surprisingly good duet.

Whilst Max’s theatre training gave him the confidence to perform like a peacock on stage, bill more than held his own.

We went for Bill, & although Max was picked to go through to the live rounds it was a much closer contest than Jenny ys Jonell


Andrea vs Sam: Song – ‘A Little Less Conversation’

Both fluffed lines a couple of times, & getting Sam to sinjg in such a low register was just baffling.

We agreed with the judge’s pick – Sam, but that was an odd one.


Kirsten vs Toni: Song – ‘Think’

Doing an Aretha track is always going to be a potentially teeth-grinding experience. However, as a face off it wasn’t too bad & the singing didn’t send the remote flying at the telly.

Kirsten performed well, but many of the vocal tricks didn’t quite come off.Toni got picked& we also plumped for her – at last someone actually being picked on their actual voice not just potential image.


Bo vs Vince: Song – ‘With Or Without You’

Interesting contrast of styles & strategy by judge Danny.

Vince was more successful at controlling wayward dynamics than Bo did in broadening her range.

A so-so duet, but I thought Bo didn’t quite fit vocally.

We went for Vince. Danny however went for Bo, but was at least honest in saying she was more fisually arresting & therefore a more marketable proposition in the long-term.


Tyler vs Ishmael: Song; ‘Yeah x3’

This was the weakest of the duets, but the song choice was a deliberate choice by as a challenge for them.

Will picked Tyler – I fell asleep briefly & the Wife got upset as they had to sing pappy Euro-pop tat.

(Can’t say I blame her, but I WAS asleep for some of this).


Vince vs. Jessica: Song – ‘We Found Love’

Vince  gave a more consistent performance, not to mention the fact Jessica lost power on the vocal runs during the upbeat dance section of the song.

At home: Vince

Jessie: Vince


Jay vs. Jaz: Song – ‘Heard It Through The Grapevine’

First thought – ‘What a stupid pairing – setting two of you best vocalists together in a knockout BEFORE the main competition??? Even Will suddenly realised the folly of such actions, though too late to actually do anything about it.

Everyone was aware of Jaz’s ability. That said it wasn’t the walkover everyone was expecting, as Jay more than held his own.

However,, predictably, there really was only ever going to be one winner in this one.

The Wife: Jaz

Will: Jazz

Me: Refused to choose (out of principle – dumb choice, others were mode deserving of a cab ride home than Jay)


Denise vs. Ruth: Song – ‘No One’

Another pairing where the experienced Denise was expected to walk it against the young, raw talent.

Even Denise herself acted as if she had it in the bag, but had SERIOUSLY underestimated the teenager who really wanted this & fought hard holding her ground.


We picked: Ruth

Tom: went with Ruth



Part 2


David & Cassius: Song – ‘Beat It’

Interesting arrangement of the MJ classic, although despite the energy, the actual performance battle as a whole was curiously flat.

If forced I would have picked David, though Jessie selected Cassius, David looked clearly gutted at not making the cut.

We: went ‘Meh’


Barbara vs. Leanne: Song – ‘The Edge Of Glory’

Both of them were really up for a scrap, particularly Barbara – all that was missing was some mud….

Er, anyway, both came out swinging (vocally, obviously), giving spirited performances.

Couldn’t call it – both had negative to their vocals: Barbara was as tad ‘Pub-singer’-ishwhile Leanne was a bit shrill at times.

Tom went for Leanne, much to Will’s annoyance either as he had a bit of a crush on her or wanted Tom to keep her in for his long-term strategy.


Frances vs. Kate: Song ‘Ironic’

Kate’s lack of vocal power put her at an immediate disadvantage in rehearsals. Will taking her into the studio fired up Frances, now in it to win it.

The battle itself kind of went passed me – must have nodded off. Again.

Will picked: Frances

We picked: no-one ( & I fell asleep)


Aleks vs. Emmy J: Song –

Aleks was the unconfident newbie to Emmy’s seasoned performing background (plus she’s fitter)

Another curious set.

Aleks had the better voice but really didn’t take his foot of the pedal at any point

Emmy’s voice was stronger, but her vocal wasn’t that great – plus they BOTH sang flat through most of the song

I: picked Emmy

The Wife: picked Aleks

Danny: picked Aleks


Ben vs. Ruth-Ann: Song – ‘I Wanna Dance With Somebody’

Ben was very confident but unlike some, didn’t underestimate his opposition.

That said, overall it was rather lacklustre & Ruth-Ann was well off her game.

The flow of the battle was weird – then I realised the sequence had been heavily cut.

I picked Ben

Jessie inexplicably picked Ruth-Ann


Matt & Sueleen vs. Lindsey: Song – ‘Born To Run’

Despite this being a 2 against 1 fight, it was, surprisingly, Matt & Sueleen who were intimidated by Lindsey!

The actual battle? ‘Nice’ in a ‘Laura-Ashley-net-curtains’ sort of way, despite Matt finding his inner Springsteen & Lindsey straying into ‘Pub-singer’ territory.

Tom: chose Matt & Sueleen. Oh.

I: couldn’t be bothered picking


Murray vs. Hannah: Song – ‘Kids’

Another battle with out of tune (flat) singing

More memorable for Murray’s ‘dad- dancing’ & young Hannah trying to wiggle seductively, showing all that cheerleading training had..gone to waste.

Danny went with Hanna while I sided with Murray


India & Pixie vs. Becky

Another 2 onto 1 Cat fight. The two girls (The Wife calls them ‘The Singing Chavs – but she uses the term ‘singing’ advisedly) were intimidated by Becky’s confidence & there was a bit of bitching over parts in rehearsals.

Becky was intimidated by their presence. I personally found them quite irritating.

That said, on the night (or whenever it was actually recorded), Becky decisively wiped the floor with the two girls, despite straining on occasion.

We all went for Becky.


Adam vs Denise:

Toilet break

Tom chose Adam, apparently


Sophie vs J. Marie: Song – ‘Firework’

Another unfortunate match up for the BEP man

In fact these two were very evenly matched, but Sophie’s inexperience got the better of her, intimidated by the more experienced J. Marie, who clearly wanted this. This was a close call

I – sided with J. Marie

Will – went with Sophie, but was clearly torn & not happy with the situation ( Hey Mate, you made the selection….)


David vs. John James

Again, the novice David (looking scarily like a young Jeremy Clarkson), found it difficult to not be rattled by the veteran, in this case, John James.

A very good duet with David finally taking control of his nerves, turning in a surprisingly assured vocal, complete with a bit of argy-bargy at the end for the cameras by both of them.

I gave the round to John.

Danny went with David



Let’s see how the public vote when it goes live……………..

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