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Mazda Sounds – Keep Belgium Rocking

Friday, April 29th, 2016

Yes, I Know it’s been quite a while – funny how life gets in the way of things you’ve been meaning to do…….
Before presenting my efforts, let me tell you a story…….

Many years ago, I remember as a young(er) DJ, practising for hours in my brother’s room.
I also remember being invited to play, (mostly) doing well, feeding off the energy from the crowd, watching the excitement as well as the approval due to what I was doing,; feeling incredible – on top of the world
I also remember onto entering competitions, locally in the Midlands, including Birmingham & finding how similar and yet how different things were.
Rocking up in a bar/club on my own looking at a sea of faces, the odd feelings of nervse & intense focus, running through the set in my head. Step up to the decks, box in hand – set up & I’m away…..

More often than not, I wouldn’t win, mainly on account of turning up on my own, without a crew of my own, but still getting positive feedback form the promoters & the crowd.

At this point you’re probably asking is he an arrogant plank or begging for votes?
Actually, the experiences shaped & strengthened my desire to play.
For me competitions now are not just about winning (although that’s a bonus!!).
I entered a remix competition a few years ago for Mau5trap records.
I used it to test my production & remix skills as well as working to a brief, working to a deadline (as I’m a lazy bugger), using minimal equipment.
Again, I didn’t win, but that wasn’t as important as that sense of accomplishment.
And now to to today..
My latest effort is for Mixcloud’s Mazda Sounds competition – here it is:

Again, there’s a deadline (done it!!), but there’s another reason;
Given the recent events in Brussells, I think win, lose or draw, we need to keep going to show support, not cancel these events & not give in.
As in France, even through their grief, they showed a sense of determination & defiance, so as in many places touched by terrorists is a need not to give in, to carry on with life & not give in.
That’s why I also used the hashtag ‘KeepBelgiumRocking’, as a reminder that life includes any event or party that brings people together to enjoy themselves or to connect with one another.
So any event or club I’m aware of, I’ll put on my Twitter feed with that hashtag & I suggest anyone else does the same.

My Mixcloud Buddies, Pt 1

Thursday, January 13th, 2011

Since joining the Mixcloud community, I’ve not only uploaded my stuff to the wider world, but I’ve found a small but decidedly mint group of buddies who’ve seen fit to follow my work & I check out their stuff too.

They have very different styles but are united in putting together quality, genre-spanning (or defying) podcasts, not just a succession of bangin’ tunes.

TK Kid (Spain)

Our Man in Barca

Heard some of his mixes when I first heard of Mixcloud but before I signed up. He’s got a penchant for Jazz Soul & funk, but isn’t limited to or by these genres. Regularly working in Europe, he’s also put out stuff for Laidback Radio & check his website where you can download some storming selections

He also welcomed me on the ‘Cloud’ once I’d signed. A really decent chap.

Recommended Listening:

2000 – 2010: A Retrospective Soundscape (Vol 1)

UK Funky!

Latin Shin-a-ling!

Next up………………….

Miss Phi 1.61803399

The Girl From Antwerp

In some circles, mention the words ‘ginger’ & ‘Belgian’ in the same sentence amounts to ammunition for 15 minutes of (lame) jokes (Not me – I at least try to be creative, then aim my invective to as wide a group as possible – don’t want people thinking I’ve got favourites).

However, our ‘Gal from Antwerp’ has got quite the following for her sets. Ranging from Jazz, to gypsy music through to head-crunching DnB.  She also exemplifies the concept that

  • A  DJ can put together an astounding set purely on tune selection, as opposed to super-tight mixing
  • Not every DJ in Belgiun/Netherlands is dead set on frying your brains with ear-bleeding trance music

Phi 1.61803399, by the way is a number known as ‘The Golden Ratio’ (look it up on Google).

Recommended Listening:

Micro Cosmos

Senor Coconut’s Cumbia Baile

Dreamers Dream Alone

That’s it for now, I’ll get to some of the others later….