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Romantic Classics – and a ‘Thank You’….

Monday, January 16th, 2012

Just before Christmas, I bought Jason ‘Classicbeatz’ Minnis’ latest recording ‘Romantic Relfections’,

If you’re not familiar with his work it’s worth checking out his Bandcamp page here.

The Brooklyn-born musician decided the put together an EP of classical pieces to try to dispel elitist notions surrounding classical pieces. I know some people (musician & critics alike) say these things every once in a while, Jason has come up with a well-conceived & performed selection. They also show a degree of shrewdness as the composers chosen, chiefly Debussy & Rachmaninov were known for incorporating other musical styles & traditions in their work.

It was the soundtrack to much of my Christmas this year, much to the delight of my mother-in-law.

It looks great, thanks to photograhy courtesy of Mixcloud caster & Laid Back contributor, Charles le Brigand, who also blogged about the photo shoot (you can find that here).

What I felt was really cool wasn’t how quickly the package arrived, but that inside was a small, handwitten note thanking me for supporting him. Sometimes, its easy to forget in the age of instant gratification, downloads & convenience music, there are real people with a genuine passion for creativity, striving to be heard.

It just makes you stop and think. Just a little………

Walkng on Planet C

Thursday, April 14th, 2011

As The Wife & I come to terms with recent events, I stumbled across the blog of one of my heros – Musician, composer, producer, Funk monster & part of the funk/disco behemoth that was CHIC, Mr Nile Rogers.

‘So what ?’, you may say.

Turns out he’s been battling a particularly aggressive form of cancer since late 2010 and has been blogging about it & the effect on his life in ‘Walking on Planet C’.

We aren’t having to deal with cancer (thankfully) & while don’t think I could make that decision to blog about it, I DO applaud him for taking the step to bring the issue out into the open and FULLY respect his decision to do so.

It has also helped to make my feelings more bearable – hopefully I can be more supportive of My Wife in the times to come……