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Romantic Classics – and a ‘Thank You’….

Monday, January 16th, 2012

Just before Christmas, I bought Jason ‘Classicbeatz’ Minnis’ latest recording ‘Romantic Relfections’,

If you’re not familiar with his work it’s worth checking out his Bandcamp page here.

The Brooklyn-born musician decided the put together an EP of classical pieces to try to dispel elitist notions surrounding classical pieces. I know some people (musician & critics alike) say these things every once in a while, Jason has come up with a well-conceived & performed selection. They also show a degree of shrewdness as the composers chosen, chiefly Debussy & Rachmaninov were known for incorporating other musical styles & traditions in their work.

It was the soundtrack to much of my Christmas this year, much to the delight of my mother-in-law.

It looks great, thanks to photograhy courtesy of Mixcloud caster & Laid Back contributor, Charles le Brigand, who also blogged about the photo shoot (you can find that here).

What I felt was really cool wasn’t how quickly the package arrived, but that inside was a small, handwitten note thanking me for supporting him. Sometimes, its easy to forget in the age of instant gratification, downloads & convenience music, there are real people with a genuine passion for creativity, striving to be heard.

It just makes you stop and think. Just a little………