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More mixes….

Thursday, July 21st, 2011

I had though I’d made it to the half-way point in my challenge. Then I realised my basic arithmetic was off, so I’ll have to knuckle down.

This originally started life as a mini-mix. Tracks were checked, lists were drawn. Then, like the best laid plans, I got a little carried away.
I was thinking I could enter it into a competition as I really thought I’d stand a chance. Then I just said ‘Sod it, put it up anyway, if they like it great, if not – there’s always ice cream’.


Kiran (‘Lady K’) was one of our earliest regulars. One of a core of student supporters, loyal to the last , one of a group always counted on to get up & going, they’d lead where others followed. So it wasn’t a genius-level IQ task when someone suggested a tape for her birthday. This is the first half of that tape, mostly hip-hop & R&B, but still retaining a Stump Juice flavour.

I’m not so sure The Wife will like being a Loft Widow. Again