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Thursday, August 27th, 2015

How’s this for a sense of irony; some of my best events/work has been in collaboration with others, but paradoxically I don’t think I’m a natural collaborator.

This partly due to:

  • my beingĀ  (very) lazy
  • a (misguided/misjudged) sense of loyalty
  • being slightly suspicious of those trying to be (over) complimentary about me or my work
  • a possible (lack of) confidence thing

Now not only am I being asked by people to work with them, I’m being suggested names of those who may help me. This is a very strange situation.
Currently I’ve been invited to work on something with a fellow cloudcaster, Stephanie Byrne on Mixcloud.
She’s a very talented & prolific individual & I’ve finally broken a long-standing habit to collaborate with her, despite my warning her of my working foibles.

She’s also one of those people who genuinely doesn’t get quite how good she is. Don’t believe me? check some of these out

The Byrne-Haller Connection: Rainbow Wind by Stephanie Byrne on Mixcloud

Beat Contradictions by Stephanie Byrne on Mixcloud

Shake rattle and soul by Stephanie Byrne on Mixcloud

I was surprised to be asked, but her enthusiasm was infectious as well as inspiring
I’ve got a couple of things I’m working on, along with a third, which may be a little more involved.
I’ll let you know how it all goes