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Farewell, Sir………………

Thursday, June 9th, 2011

It’s been about 10 days since the untimely passing of my stepdad & though I didn’t see him often, I miss him. There is a strange, dull, insistent empty feeling I have that follows me around.

He was an extraordinary, kind man, a real old fashioned gentleman. Despite our repeated urgings, he & my mum decided against marriage (apparently once was enough for both of them – out of respect, I’ll not discuss the matter further), & like some have said of The Wife & I, they truly were a unique couple, i.e, on paper you’d look & go ‘Eh?????’, but somehow, in reality it worked; they were greater as a couple than the sum of their parts. I’d never seen two more unlikely people so devoted to each other.

He had such presence as a man, but was never aggressive or intimidating. He had his opinions but was always polite in expressing them.

He’d been ill for some time, but it still shocks me, even now that he’s gone. Despite the love & support she has from us, I can’t help but worry after My Mum as she lost a partner, her complimentary other, confidante & her friend.

I’ve been trying to keep busy & it’s through music that I’ve been able to find some release (Thank you Gabrielle for your kind words & assistance).

Occasionally, it seems my feelings will overwhelm me too, especially as The Wife & I have not have the best of years so far. I can only hope that he is at peace, free from the pain & care of this plane of existence.