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Thursday, May 26th, 2011

Been busy, I’ve not had time (or motivation) to list everything going on:

First, I forgot one of my previous mixes, ‘Freefall’, taken from an(other) ¬†old mixtape I did years back.

Then my latest’ Goodvibes & Surprises’. I did this for the Wife’s Sister & was originally a simple compilation. I since dusted it down, cleaned up the audio & cut it to include fades, etc. trying to restore audio whilst minimizing digital artefacts is no mean feat. I take my hat off to those doing this sort of thing professionally.

Next, a mix suggested by the myterious iDiO7S4VAN7; Planet Acid ‘ by eklektik; an assortment of breaks & dancefloor bombs leaving no building undamaged.

Planet acid by Eklektik on Mixcloud

That’s enough for now……….