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Welcome Back!

Wednesday, August 31st, 2011

hi everyone! got back for a well-earned break with The Wife.

I left having got to the halfway point in my Personal Upload Challenge, things at work seemed to get very hectic & no let up since getting back, so no blog posts, till now.

2 weeks on Formentera was just what the doctor ordered, lovely people, Sun, Sea,fresh air, stunning scenery, but was bittersweet.

My aunt, who’d been ill for a long time, finally lost her battle against cancer & passed away during the first week of the holiday & the funeral took place before we were able to get back.

I’m not angry as such, there were practical reasons for the funeral arrangements & issues regarding trying to get back, but as she was someone I was close to & she’d played a huge part in my early life, it was natuarlly, difficult to deal with.

That said, at least when the end came, she was surrounded by family & friends, so she did not go out of this life alone.

I’ll miss her, but I’ll always love & remember her