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Hadron Shadow

Friday, September 16th, 2011

I’ve done something a little differtent for my new ‘Cast.

Rather than a mix, it’s just 1 track which is rather special to me:

About a year ago, before I heard of Mixcloud, but was aware of the ‘parent’ site, Soundcloud. They were running a competition in association with Novation & Mau5trap records. This was my entry for the contest on Soundcloud.

All the samples are taken from the competiton multi track stems of ‘NYCE’ by Moguai, except the keyboard ‘lead’ .

Originally, I was trying to get a high-octane house style workout. the trouble was, it just wasn’t working. Frustated I walked away from it. the change really was as good as a rest.

The resulting brainwave took the project in a completely different turn.

I ended up creating a more soundscaped piece, inspired in part from the incidental score of ┬áthe Oscar-winning film ‘Monster’s Ball’. The result bears very little relation to the original.

This was a unique project in that it was the first time, ironically, I was working on my own, not collaborating.

Why is this odd?

Considering how long I’ve been at this some may say I should’ve done this earlier.

I think that away from time, financial constraints, & personal reasons I’ve been a bit intimidated or even used my abilties as a DJ to ‘hide’ from the possible risk & ridicule of failure. Working with others means you get to defer some decisions, etc. Some people in my life have, in the past ┬ápossibly exploited this to their own ends, not with regard to music but in other aspects of my life.

Producing this was like re-taking my exams – doing something not just for a result, but whatever the outcome, I did it on my own terms, taking responsibility, taking back my life. I still used an psuedonym ‘Hadron Shadow’, which I now use when experimenting with stuff

I didn’t win (obviously), but I think I ended up with a far greater reward:

My Work

My Vision

My Way