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F**! Tha (Beat-matching) Police

Monday, February 27th, 2012

I love my beats. Correction: I LOVE my beats.

That said, one of the things that REALLY gets my back up is when some nerd spouts on that only real DJ’s scratch/beat mix/harmonic mix.

These same self-important plonkers crowd by the decks, offering nothing but snide remarks & snobbery at someone’s hard work.

Don’t get me wrong – good DJs will of course, have a knowledge and/or mastery of some, if not all of the technical aspects of Djing today (or they bloody well should have), but I’d rather someone just play tunes than perform second rate tricks badly.

I appreciate that some can only deal with someone who mixes on the 3rd beat on the hi-hat triplet, but does it make them a good DJ?

At heart, a DJ entertains. He plays TO an audience. He plays FOR an audience. Showing off or self indulgence DOES have its place  in a set , but NOT at the (total) expense of the crowd.

Don’t get me wrong, there probably are precious few DJs who HAVEN’T dropped the record/scratch/loop/mix trick purely because they like it or are good at it? I fully acknowledge I’m part of that group & also have cleared a floor because of my excesses.

I know this is a subject I’ve ranted about before, but it seems to be one of those evergreen moans.

On Mixcloud, there are many souls who aren’t DJs & don’t mix, some are DJs & choose not to, yet continue to upload incredibly rich & diverse sets.In addition to the russet-haired selector that is Miss Phi, I think a couple more  are worthy of a mention


DJ Kaboodle:

Not so much a DJ as a sonic fell-walker, Kaboodle has put together a wide variety of sets, many loosely connected by an over-arching theme or has collaborated with other artists from different mediums.

What is important is this: on his profile he makes it explicit on his website that he does not mix:

“ I love electronic dance music, but I am not a ‘house’ DJ or a ‘drum n bass’ DJ. So, I don’t provide sets of perfectly beat-matched music sticking to a few styles of dance music; other DJs are far better at that than I am, and I am not going to attempt to encroach on their territory. I can beat-match, but that is not where my talents lie. ”.

Yet this hasn’t stopped him from producing some stunning pieces:

Drinking the Blues by Dj Kaboodle on Mixcloud


Is a lady from South America (but I think she’s actually Eastern European?). She puts together sets that I can only describe as the result of someone who:

  • Has a subversive sense of humour
  • Eats too much cheese before bedtime

For reasons best known to her, she removed the vast majority of her gloriously mental material, possibly as a result of lack of confidence, boredom or she initially bought intro this whole Djs-MUST-beatmatch nonsense. Only she knows for certain.

Anyway, she’s back with a new set & My Word, she’s played a blinder with this one:

How it should have ended by F.A.T.S. on Mixcloud


The individual I describe a Mixcloud’s ‘Yoda-in-Residence’, is a prolific uploader, producing mixed as well as unmixed sets. Like Kaboodle, the selections are tied to an overall theme or mood, but like both Kaboodle & F.A.T.S. It’s clear great care has been taken over every set. ‘S4V’ has even removed sets considered not up to his exacting standards.

RUDE $K@NKiN’ by Idio7 $Av4n7 on Mixcloud

What is a DJ if they can’t scratch?

Still a bloody DJ if they move the crowd!

Now shut up, get a life or go home!!