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To Infinity & Beyond………….

Wednesday, August 29th, 2012

I just got back from a well-earned break last weekend to the news that astronaut Neil Armstrong Commander of Apollo 11 & the first man to walk on The Moon died, after complications from heart surgery.

I’m just a little too young to remember that historic moment, but it’s one of the events that fired an interest in me for space & science.

Much has been said about the man, his life & career as well as his place in history, so I won’t talk about it here apart from that , in terms of his character, he seemed to be a paradox, at least for NASA at the time. He clearly was the consummate professional, focussed, cool-headed & decisive as well as looking like the ‘All-American-Hero’ poster boy looks. At the same time, however, he dislike publicity & was reluctant to talk about his achievements in ’69, looking at it simply as ‘doing his job’.

Contrast that with landing partner, ‘Buzz’ Aldrin, ambitious & eloquent, who would have been a better spokesperson for NASA at the time. While there’s nothing to suggest any personal resentment between them, Aldrin has written a critically acclaimed & painfully honest book ‘Magnificent Desolation’ about his time as an astronaut & his life trajectory, post-Apollo 11.

That said, NASA may have, inadvertently made the right choice, as even during the Height of Cold War propoganda (on both sides), he simply let his work stand up for itself. Which it will; for generations to come.

President Obama & the Crew of Apollo 11 (Courtesy of BBC News website)