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Hip Hop Songz….

Friday, November 18th, 2011

I’ve got a lot of love for my recent mashups on Mixcloud, but the daddies of the craft inspired me to do this mix.

New York AV8 records have been making cut & paste party tracks for over 20 years & they’ve been as much a part of Stump Juice as Booby Bird & The Brand New Heavies.

It’s a tribute to their craft & the shops I bought the stuff from.

Can You Guess?

Friday, November 18th, 2011

Another upload Another mix.

The second of my mashups done using very basic equipment. This is essentially the ‘first pass’. The final version I remember got props when I first pulled it off, and I’ll probably put it up. Hoever, I think this is just as good.

Say STET!!

Monday, October 31st, 2011

Just put up a mix today from the archive (again)

Back when I was a young buck & studio technology was beyond the reach of us lesser mortals, I played around with the idea of remixing (now they’d be called ‘mashups’ of) several records.

The basic track or half the edits laid down in one take, recorded to a tape machine & then bounced onto a second machine, where the overdubs were then done in a second take. This is one of several I did back then.

Nowadays with the power & affordability of computers & music/audio software, this sort of thing can be done quickly, easily & painlessly.

That said, I think the limitations presented by the set up I had when putting this together helped me make think creatively & hone my skills.

I like it anyway…………………….