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Stuff Wot I’ve Been Listening To. Again

Thursday, May 24th, 2012

Go Soundclash!

Wednesday, March 30th, 2011

Checked out the Cloudcast of the (Go) Soundclash on Space Invader Radio.

The challenge between GuinnessDJ & my fellow ‘caster Orsii, at 2hrs long, was a closely fought thing, but there was a winner for me –and that’s Guinness. This may surprise some, given how I’ve gone on about  Orsii,& she’s a good kid with great taste in music, but here’s how I scored it:

Both had good selections & Orsii’s  actually was better presented, but in terms of the content & spread of music, looking at each hour, Guinness took it. Just

Orsii did better in the comedy selection. She took that clearly, in my mind with her selection. I am only looking at her first record in this section, as she had a 2:1 tune advantage, so I disregarded her second choice, Al Newman. If you include it, she blew G out of the water.

I’m sure there’s a track missing from Guinness’ selection: the track after the Skatalites sounds suspiciously like it’s taken from the musical Hair, though I’m not sure if it’s the OST or Original Broadway Cast recording or some sort of re-edit.

Ultimately it was down to the tunes & on balance, Guinness had the better set

I’m not that big on soundclashes, but it did sound like they had a right old laugh & though she didn’t win, I still think the Kid done good.