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99 per cent Perspiration…………….

Thursday, January 20th, 2011

Have been working on a couple of mixes & it’s been driving me (and The Wife) to distraction.

Trying to find the time to compile & test is one thing, but I’m at the point of throwing things out of windows, as several attempts to record have been terrible.

During practice, no problem: edits in (just about) the right place, but press ‘record’ then something happens. Mischievous imps sabotage cue points, previously well-worked beats clash, and on several occasions, the whole system’s crashed.

The thing’s eating into my (personal) life. My poor Other Half is wondering when I’ll return from this mental exile, while I’m trying to prevent carrying out routine maintenance on my PC with a lump hammer!

Update: have finally finished one mix – am considering using it as part of a larger project, but either way, I’ll probably upload it soon…if they don’t take me away first…………….