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It’s NOT Me – honest

Thursday, January 12th, 2012

Just been sent a press release from  about the Alfie Project.

Unfortunately, I’ve got nothing to go with this material, which by the way, isn’t too bad.

The marketing blurb was a bit syrupy in my opinion, but the song itself is a well-written peice & the video’s easy on the eye………


Mix Number 5, comin up….

Friday, March 11th, 2011

Got the latest mix up on Mixcloud. Thanks for everyone listening & supporting me for my mental ‘Everest moment’ (i.e “Why DO this?”; “Because it’s there”).

Mix No 6 should get me past the 10% mark.

Stay tuned…………………….

Teena Marie, RIP

Friday, January 7th, 2011

Still in shock after hearing the news that Teena Marie passed away on Boxing Day (Dec 26th). I know the story’s been well covered & loads of people have tweeted about it, but that still doesn’t make it less of a shock.

Proper soul & funk-heads will be far more knowlegeable about her life & work, so I just mention a few personal memories involving her music:

  • Finding a mint copy of ‘Behind The Groove’ on 12-inch in (the now defunct) Boogaloo Records in Leicester, thinking whoever let that one go was a right muppet
  • Dropping said tune at parties – result!
  • Being shocked at seeing video footage of her on Soul Train finding out this Motown powerhouse was a short (ish) white woman.
  • Going through her back catalogue (courtesy of Steve & D from Samebeat Records) & freaking out at some of the stuff she’d done.
  • Sneaking in some of her tracks during the very early days of Stump Juice.
  • Realising just how many people covered her tunes.

The woman was an extremely gifted singer songwriter & producer & I’m saddened she’s no longer with us. That said, we are fortunate that the musical legacy she’s left behind means she will still move & inspire others, so she will never be forgotten.

Gone but never forgotten.................

More Mixes!!

Friday, December 10th, 2010

Been busy working & raiding the archives for some more tasty treats:

First up is Lightside

A lovely selection of Old Skool D'n'B...

4 to the floor action with this one:

Funkin' at Warp Speed.....................

R’n’B for the Laydeez, Hip-Hop for the guyz:

Ouch! TOLD you it weren't bigger than THREE inches....

Hope to get more posted real soon


MJB @ The NEC, November 3, Wifey & Me

Sunday, November 21st, 2010

Mary J Blige:

  • Queen of Hip Hop Soul
  • Survivor
  • Diva
  • Amazon
  • Owner of a stunning array of wigs, weaves & hairpeices (if you don’t believe me, you’ve obviously not seen any of her videos!)

The lady possessing the finest thighs in music strode into town to give it some.
It was our first time at the new(ish)-ly renovated LG Arena – clearly money went into extending the building, although the arena itself is still essentially a large shed.
Despite the cash spent on the refurb, my wife was singularly unimpressed, not least with the DJ stationed in the atrium. I was quite nonplussed with it – he seemed okay, neither here nor there.

We got to our seats during the last track of one of the support acts (some shouty MC or something). Again, The Missus – unimpressed.
Next up – Gyptian.

(I found a Youtube link to a video  from Wego Entertainmanent)
Skinnier & younger than his voice seems to suggest. As with most JA artistes, he performed with an easy confidence & cocky charm. It was a great performance, although marred by the tech bods ‘overcooking’ the PA sound. This was something dogging the all the support acts (ironically, as I play clubs but struggle with loud music).

Last of the support was Lemarr. He put on a fairly well polished set & like Gyptian got the crowd going, despite his vocals getting swamped at times by the PA.

Mary J then finally arrived. All wannabe divas-in-waiting & X-Factor hopefuls should go & see her in action: only 1 costume change plus a semi-acoustic set in a 2 hour trek through her extensive back catalogue. She didn’t so much take to the stage as instantly command the entire auditorium with an incredibly tight backing band. I was even allowed by The Wife to marvel (albeit briefly) at how Ms B poured herself into a sequinned catsuit.
There was no need for superfluous frills. This included the eye candy in the form of 2 male dancers, appearing for 2 songs & their sole purpose seemed to be striding on stage, pose for a few bars, hold their crotches before striding off. I do however accept there were loads of women (and more than a few men) who would disagree with me. Mary J DID look good in the cat suit, so fair’s fair I suppose.
In contrast to the ear-shredding sound mix of the support acts, the sound was good for the main event.

(another Wego Ent video link)
The only fly in the ointment was during one of the ballads. She clearly brings raw emotion to her songs, many of them deeply autobiographical, but the emotion displayed during the closing adlib seemed forced. That said, given the life experiences she’s endured, it’s a minor point, especially given the length of her stage time.

All in all a great show, terrific value for money. We’d already seen her once before, so let’s see if we can go 3 for 3…………………..