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Thursday, March 29th, 2012

Well, Reality TV season is in earnest: we’ve got ‘The Apprentice’ up & running – where DO they find them? If these are the best of the new generation of business leaders, then we’re totally screwed.

Dancing on Ice reaches it’s conclusion (by the time I’ve posted we’ll finally know who’s actually been skating & not simply making up the numbers – assuming there’s been more than The Wife & I have been watching….)

The Human Zoo that it Cowell’s current cash cow, ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ is back with us, in all it’s Hogarth-ian vividness.

Fresh from his stint trying to launch the X-Factor in the US, he’s back to try to rescue this show on these shores.

Not that anyone’s THAT interesed, but the strongets element, & paradoxically the weakest link is Ol’ High Trousers himself, Simon.

Allow me to elaborate:

The success of his shows have, initially been down to his personality (or some may say, lack of it). His acerbic comments & no-nonsense approach made him a hit. However, here in the UK the shows he’s associated with, are essentially built around him – take him out of the equation, then you’re left with  a series of relatively average talent shows.

In the States, however ratings rule – everything. In trying to break X-factor in the States, he was going up against one of his own shows, American Idol.

The fact he even got to get X-factor to air wasn’t down to his ‘Mr Nasty’ image – it was his close involvement in making  a very successful show with great ratings:American Idol.. You’re only as good as you’re last hit – this is never more true in the most commercial, competitive TV/media market in the Western world – America.

The latest to enter the fray is ‘The Voice’, based on an imported TV show where candidates initially have a ‘blind’ audition i.e the judges/mentors have their backs to the artist as they sing. Should more than one judge turn to ‘accept’ the auditionee, it’s up to them, not the judges to make the decision who they end up with. These, apparently, are the principle USPs. The Wife has seen a version of this show in her homeland so is familiar with the concept. I must say, that at the moment, what I saw was interesting, not just in terms of the artists, but how the judges select/accept/reject candidates, as well as seeing who the auditionees choose in the event of a tie.

We were spared the collection of deluded misfits & nutters, mangling songs beyond recognition; instead faced with a selection of individuals who, for the most part, could actually sing – I almost got confused for a moment.

That said, they did take a leaf out of existing shows, with sob stories in earnest, we got to see one of blokes from 5ive who no-one remembers audition. Actually, he was a nice bloke who took it on the chin when he didn’t make it.

Danny from The Script chose one fella who split my opinion; I thought he would benefit form Danny a a singer/songwriter, but I felt will:I:Am may have been a better fit for him artistically.

There were a couple I thought wouldn’t get picked as they sounded well off, but then the mentors’ clearly felt they had potential.

It’ll be interesting to see if the rest of the series lives up to the promising start. Let’s see……