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Say STET!!

Monday, October 31st, 2011

Just put up a mix today from the archive (again)

Back when I was a young buck & studio technology was beyond the reach of us lesser mortals, I played around with the idea of remixing (now they’d be called ‘mashups’ of) several records.

The basic track or half the edits laid down in one take, recorded to a tape machine & then bounced onto a second machine, where the overdubs were then done in a second take. This is one of several I did back then.

Nowadays with the power & affordability of computers & music/audio software, this sort of thing can be done quickly, easily & painlessly.

That said, I think the limitations presented by the set up I had when putting this together helped me make think creatively & hone my skills.

I like it anyway…………………….

Hadron Shadow

Friday, September 16th, 2011

I’ve done something a little differtent for my new ‘Cast.

Rather than a mix, it’s just 1 track which is rather special to me:

About a year ago, before I heard of Mixcloud, but was aware of the ‘parent’ site, Soundcloud. They were running a competition in association with Novation & Mau5trap records. This was my entry for the contest on Soundcloud.

All the samples are taken from the competiton multi track stems of ‘NYCE’ by Moguai, except the keyboard ‘lead’ .

Originally, I was trying to get a high-octane house style workout. the trouble was, it just wasn’t working. Frustated I walked away from it. the change really was as good as a rest.

The resulting brainwave took the project in a completely different turn.

I ended up creating a more soundscaped piece, inspired in part from the incidental score of  the Oscar-winning film ‘Monster’s Ball’. The result bears very little relation to the original.

This was a unique project in that it was the first time, ironically, I was working on my own, not collaborating.

Why is this odd?

Considering how long I’ve been at this some may say I should’ve done this earlier.

I think that away from time, financial constraints, & personal reasons I’ve been a bit intimidated or even used my abilties as a DJ to ‘hide’ from the possible risk & ridicule of failure. Working with others means you get to defer some decisions, etc. Some people in my life have, in the past  possibly exploited this to their own ends, not with regard to music but in other aspects of my life.

Producing this was like re-taking my exams – doing something not just for a result, but whatever the outcome, I did it on my own terms, taking responsibility, taking back my life. I still used an psuedonym ‘Hadron Shadow’, which I now use when experimenting with stuff

I didn’t win (obviously), but I think I ended up with a far greater reward:

My Work

My Vision

My Way