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Back in Stride

Monday, October 10th, 2011

It’s been an intense couple of weeks, but this weekend, I feel I’ve really gotten stuff done – I even managed to do some housework when The Wife went to a colleague’s wedding reception. More importantly I did it without any prompting/reminding/nagging from The Wife (I’m SUCH a New Man……)

I sorted out the PC paid stuff off, digitised a mixtape & did another mix in one evening. This has possibly been the most productive I’ve been for a while.

My last mix has been up for a while

I was inspired by reading a copy of ‘The Naked Ape’ by Desmond Morris. Some of the ideas touched on there are the stuff of pub/bar-fly experts, but at the time it was a truly ground-breaking & controversial piece of work.

I was taken by the part where he describes the process involved when children learn to draw & just used the idea as a starting point.

Hope you like it….


Friday, September 30th, 2011

BPM, the DJ Expo at Birmingham’s NEC is back again. I’m especially excited, as The Wife has let me go on the Saturday when the guest DJ is none other than Grand Master Flash himself – YEEEEEEEEEEES!!!!!

Have been working on a surprise for The Wife for Sunday (various reasons – won’t divulge here).

Will let you know how BPM goes down – if you don’t here from me, chances are I made a right mess of Sunday………………