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‘Ol Lazy Bones………….

Monday, December 19th, 2011

I’ve not really been keeping up with this uploading lark, so I’ll put a couple of things here I’ve been listening to (or trying to)



My Mixcloud Buddies, Pt 1

Thursday, January 13th, 2011

Since joining the Mixcloud community, I’ve not only uploaded my stuff to the wider world, but I’ve found a small but decidedly mint group of buddies who’ve seen fit to follow my work & I check out their stuff too.

They have very different styles but are united in putting together quality, genre-spanning (or defying) podcasts, not just a succession of bangin’ tunes.

TK Kid (Spain)

Our Man in Barca

Heard some of his mixes when I first heard of Mixcloud but before I signed up. He’s got a penchant for Jazz Soul & funk, but isn’t limited to or by these genres. Regularly working in Europe, he’s also put out stuff for Laidback Radio & check his website where you can download some storming selections

He also welcomed me on the ‘Cloud’ once I’d signed. A really decent chap.

Recommended Listening:

2000 – 2010: A Retrospective Soundscape (Vol 1)

UK Funky!

Latin Shin-a-ling!

Next up………………….

Miss Phi 1.61803399

The Girl From Antwerp

In some circles, mention the words ‘ginger’ & ‘Belgian’ in the same sentence amounts to ammunition for 15 minutes of (lame) jokes (Not me – I at least try to be creative, then aim my invective to as wide a group as possible – don’t want people thinking I’ve got favourites).

However, our ‘Gal from Antwerp’ has got quite the following for her sets. Ranging from Jazz, to gypsy music through to head-crunching DnB.  She also exemplifies the concept that

  • A  DJ can put together an astounding set purely on tune selection, as opposed to super-tight mixing
  • Not every DJ in Belgiun/Netherlands is dead set on frying your brains with ear-bleeding trance music

Phi 1.61803399, by the way is a number known as ‘The Golden Ratio’ (look it up on Google).

Recommended Listening:

Micro Cosmos

Senor Coconut’s Cumbia Baile

Dreamers Dream Alone

That’s it for now, I’ll get to some of the others later….